Chicago Style Format & Examples

In a nutshell, a title or cover page of a written work is the first page used to specify the title, subtitle, author, and other relevant information regarding the paper. The Chicago or Turabian format manual requires following specific rules to structure and format this page. Use proper formatting for each type of source and always using a hanging indent.

  1. When you need to insert a Footnote, click on the References Tab, go to the Footnotes box, and click on Insert Footnote.
  2. If you retrieved it from a website, you will cite that, if a photocopy from a book, cite the book.
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  4. The indention is limited to half an inch at the start of any paragraph.
  5. Unlike journals, volume #, issue #, and page range may be omitted from bibliography entries, but specific page numbers are still used in foot/endnotes.
  6. Endnotes are also identified in the main body of the text with a small superscript number.
  7. Developed by the University of Chicago Press in 1906, Chicago Style is the only formatting style created by an academic institution.

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The last name of the author, date of publication, and the page number should all be put in parentheses. chicago style essay format ~ Titles of larger works, including books and periodicals – have to be italicized.

chicago style essay format

In this section of our guide, we are going to look closer at each element present in this style, and define the key rules and suggestions regarding the proper formatting. Chicago format requires footnotes for paraphrased or quoted passages.

Line Spacing and Indenting Paragraphs

The entries of the bibliography should be ordered alphabetically. Centre the title of your paper about a third of the way down the page. The title page should not contain a page number but should be among the page count. The content of your Chicago paper should be structure following this order. Each page of a Chicago paper should have an inch page margin on all sides.

There are significant differences between the Chicago and APA referencing formats. Therefore, writers should be careful enough to settle on the writing formats that deliver their intended message to the audience using an efficient manner. One of the differences between the two referencing formats is based on the in text citation. Both formatting styles include a page number and the author’s last name in the in-text citation’s parenthesis. However, the other difference is that, whereas an APA formatting style includes the year a particular source was published, the Chicago formatting style does not.

How do you insert page numbers in Chicago style?

Whereas the APA style makes use of in-text citation, the Chicago formatting style, on the other hand, uses footnotes to cite the sources. A footnote provides more detailed information about the sources that were used as compared to the in-text citations. One of the similarities is that in both APA and Chicago, the page numbers are inserted at the page’s upper right corner. Finally, in regards to the similarities, both styles mention the last full names of the authors when listing the sources on the bibliography or reference list.

chicago style essay format

Since the CMOS is meant for material that is intended for publication, it’s often used by scholars, publishers, and other professional academics. The Turabian guide is shorter and includes information on formatting rules, the basics of researching and writing academic papers, and citation style. Despite these differences, these two books work in tandem; both are considered to be official Chicago style. In a nutshell, Kate Turabian adapted the Chicago style for students and researchers. Thus, the main difference is that the Turabian style is simpler, shorter, and contains fewer requirements. Still, most of the guidelines applicable to the Chicago paper format would be the same for a Turabian style paper, so, with the help of this article, you can write in both styles. This style uses in-text citations rather than foot- or endnotes and a reference list rather than a bibliography, similar to APA style.

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Put the word Notes at the top of the page with your endnotes. Use a 1/2″ indent for paragraph beginnings, block quotes and hanging indents. A citation is information in the paper’s text that provides a quick glance at where the information came from if the author of the paper did not create it. Learn about the Chicago Style format and explore how the Chicago Manual of Style is used. Study Chicago Style citation examples and Chicago Style bibliography.

Like other formatting styles, the Chicago style comes with its own dos and don’ts that give it a unique touch. Making the text double spaced, using size 12 of the Times New Roman font and one inch margin are among the essential components of this formatting style. The indention is limited to half an inch at the start of any paragraph. The numbering of the pages is done on the header Cause and Effect Essay Format and Outline guide of the first page using Arabic numerals. Different types of writing formats will have varying requirements. Therefore, it is essential for students first to have a good understanding of the requirements of a paper before they can start writing. At times, a person may feel overwhelmed because of the need to understand all the concepts pertaining to various writing formats.

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Hopefully this guide will come in handy to everyone facing the need to write a paper formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style. In this article, we have summed up all of the major rules, recommendations, and pieces of advice needed to format your papers right. As it was said, the Chicago format is closely interlinked with another style manual called Turabian. It is a referencing and citing system shaped on the basis of the Chicago style. This format was named after its author — Kate Turabian, from the University of Chicago. This format is most often used for writing papers in social sciences, for example, Economics. The Notes-Bibliography method requires placing numbered footnotes in the text with shortened versions of citations located at the bottom of the page.

3 Strong Argumentative Essay Examples, Analyzed

You cаn also offer a concession that is more moderate or a concession that іs more extreme. Strength Counterargument Explanation Weak Organ selling should not be legalized because someone who is unhealthy may donate their organs and infect the patient receiving the organ. This is a weak counterargument because while it does stand in opposition to the author’s central argument that organ selling should be legalized, it does not address the author’s primary reasoning of a monetary incentive. Strong Organ selling should not be legalized because paying donors for their organs could drive up the cost of a transplant, thereby allowing only the rich to be able to afford one. This is a strong counterargument because it stands in opposition to the author’s central argument that organ selling should be legalized, and it directly addresses the author’s reasoning about paying people to donate. In an argumentative essay, counterarguments are used for several reasons. One purpose of a counterargument is to promote an understanding of all sides of the issue being debated.

As you’re writing a counter argument, you might run into some difficulties if you fervently believe in the truth of your argument. Indeed, in some cases, your argument may appear to you to be so obvious that you don’t understand why anyone could think differently. By choosing these relevant topics for your environment and age group, it is much easier to draw upon your own experience or the experience of friends in order to write an excellent persuasive essay. Although it has been suggested that same sex schools make children more focused on study,it is generally agreed that children of the same sex are more likely to talk with each other during class time. Analyze the counterarguments so that you can determine whether they are valid.

What is a Counterargument?

Most teachers will probably let you put them anywhere (e.g. in the start, middle, or end) and be happy as long as they are present. Flesh the counter argument out by offering evidence — of the fact that people hold that position (where possible, quote a well-known opponent), as well as reasons why. Word your counter argument in such a way that makes it clear that you have carefully considered how to write a counter argument in a persuasive essay the position, and are not simply belittling it. This portion of your counter argument will require doing additional research in most cases. You have already researched your topic, so you know on what grounds people most frequently oppose your argument. Pick one, or a few, that you consider to be important and interesting. Formulate the counter argument as if you were on the opposing side.

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  2. Don’t make use of bias language when you present or oppose their position.
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  4. You have to prove to your reader that you have weighed many options and considered all sides of the question.
  5. For example, if your argument is that college іs tоо expensive, then a counterargument could be, “Why is college so expensive?
  6. Placing your counterargument in your introduction is one effective way to include your counterargument.

By going more into detail of what she believes should be done, the author would be making a stronger argument. There’s lots of solid research how to write a counter argument in a persuasive essay in this essay, including specific programs that were conducted and how successful they were, as well as specific data mentioned throughout.

How to Write a Counter Argument Step

After researching, the author must look at their own argument in order to determine the counterargument. In this case, the central component is that organ selling should be legalized. Therefore, the central component of their counterargument should be that organ selling should not be legalized.

how to write a counter argument in a persuasive essay

” This question allows readers tо know exactly why the argument is being made. Counter arguments should clear any doubts readers might have about your positions. Moreover, the purpose of an opposing argument is to offer a reason to disagree with the thesis statement. Whether you include it in the introduction or dedicate an entire paragraph to it, your counter argument shows that you’re aware that various views exist.

Counter Argument: Zooming in on Argument Essay

In this way, the writer comes across as a person who is more interested in confronting the difficulties enmeshed within the argument and does not simply dismiss them. The writer is more interested in discovering the truth versus winning a point. The counterargument is not a contest or game to defeat the other side.

how to write a counter argument in a persuasive essay

Many argued that, even if he enjoyed playing for Duke, it wasn’t worth risking another injury and ending his professional career before it even began for a program that wasn’t paying him. Williamson seems to have agreed with them and declared his eligibility for the NCAA draft later that year. In fact, roughly a third of student athletes surveyed stated that receiving a salary while in college would make them “strongly consider” remaining collegiate athletes longer before turning pro. This essay begins with an introduction, which ends with the thesis (that malaria eradication plans in Sub-Saharan Africa should focus on prevention rather than treatment). The first part of the essay lays out why the counter argument is not as effective, and the second part of the essay focuses on why prevention of malaria is the better path to take.

More Counter Argument and Rebuttal Practice

Finally, perhaps the main purpose of using a counterargument in an essay is that it then provides the author with a platform from which to denounce or disprove the opposition’s argument. This section of the argument where the author disproves the counterargument is commonly referred to as the rebuttal. A counter argument is a viewpoint that opposes a critical argument. Excellent persuasive writing and speaking strategies make good use of counter-arguments. This is because they prove to readers that the writer has considered other viewpoints. A strong Argument essay would not be complete with only your reasons in support of your position.

What a persuasive essay looks like?

A persuasive essay is one in which you use logic and arguments to convince readers of your point of view. For that, you need to provide solid evidence for arguments, such as research, stating facts, examples, quotes from experts, and logical reasons. Persuasive essays are also known as argumentative.

Malaria is an infectious disease caused by parasites that are transmitted to people through female Anopheles mosquitoes. Each year, over half a billion people will become infected with malaria, with roughly 80% of them living in Sub-Saharan Africa. Nearly half a million people die of malaria every year, most of them young children under the age of five. Unlike many other infectious diseases, the death toll for malaria is rising. Students use this template during a class debate to take notes and prepare their counter-arguments in accordance with the other teams’ arguments and persuasive techniques. Below is an example of the use of a counterargument, followed by an explanation of how the counterargument was employed.

You Need to Also Respond to the Counter

Omitting hints about the rebuttal in the paper will make it look one-sided and blunt. How to write a counter argument is a bit tricky question as it is a viewpoint that opposes your main argument. In fact the English Cambridge dictionary gives the counter argument definition as an argument against another argument.

You’ll be responding to it by giving the reasons the argument is weak and providing examples to show why the opposing argument is unsound. You can then state your own argument and why it is stronger than the counterargument. Counter-arguments consider the opposition’s point-of-view, then present arguments against it (‘to be counter Dissertation Help Provider to’ means ‘to be against’). Showing that you are aware of other arguments will strengthen your own. This is often the most difficult type of support, as you need to think who the opposition is, consider their view, and think of a good response. Useful language for this type of support are phrases such as ‘Opponents claim that…

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How to Write an Essay Introduction

A strong introduction builds affinity with the reader and eases them into your essay. Still, struggling with writing the perfect introduction for your nursing research paper? Just writing introduction for thesis paper get in touch with TutorBin for a high-quality research paper writing service. These experts can write a brilliant introduction for your research paper on a variety of topics.

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Thank you so much Derek ,for shedding the light and making it easier for me to handle the daunting task of academic writing . In Chapter Three, the theoretical framework will be presented. The adoption of a qualitative, inductive research approach will be justified, and the broader research design will be discussed, including the limitations thereof. The generalisability of your findings – for example, the findings from the study of a specific industry or country can’t necessarily be generalised to other industries or countries. As you can see in this example, the research aim is clearly outlined, as well as the specific context in which the research will be undertaken . As you can see in this example, in a few lines, we’ve explained the current state of research, the literature gap and why that gap is problematic.

Part 2Part 2 of 3:Establishing the Context for Your Paper

In general, the introduction will introduce the topic to the reader by stating what the topic is and giving some general background information. This will help the reader to understand what you are writing about, and show why the topic is important. The introduction should also give the overall plan of the essay. After you have specified your research questions you need to give a clear and concise articulation of your hypothesis, or your thesis buy a dissertation online from proven experts statement. This is a statement which indicates your essay will make a specific contribution and have a clear result rather than just covering a broader topic. It provides context for your research, explains your topic and objectives, and provides an outline of the work. A solid introduction will establish the tone for the remainder of your paper, enticing readers to continue reading through the methodology, findings, and discussion.

  1. Her introductory pages are similar to those written by a human geographer and/or an anthropologist.
  2. (Do not use the first person “I think” or “I feel” in your thesis statement).
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  4. They’re not fluffy, ambiguous or conceptual – they’re very specific and you’ll need to directly answer them in your conclusions chapter.
  5. You can also highlight the important points that you intend to make in the paper.
  6. RO2 – To evaluate the effectiveness of these strategies and approaches.
  7. Include a caption for each figure and table, citing how it was constructed (reference citations, data sources, etc.) and highlighting the key findings .

Almost all cars run either on petrol or diesel fuel, both of which are fossil fuels. Burning these fuels causes the car to emit serious pollutants, such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrous oxide. Not only are these gases harmful for health, causing respiratory disease and other illnesses, they also contribute to global warming, an increasing problem in the modern world. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists , transportation in the US accounts for 30% of all carbon dioxide production in that country, with 60% of these emissions coming from cars and small trucks. When travelling long distance, there may be only one choice of bus or train per day, which may be at an unsuitable time. The car, however, allows people to travel at any time they wish, and to almost any destination they choose. Article introduction, and this article truly do me a big favor.”

What is a Research Paper Introduction?

You need to “sell” the value of your research here so that the reader understands why it’s worth committing an entire dissertation or thesis to it. This section needs to be the salesman of your research. A final note about this section – it’s really important to be clear about the scope of your study. In other words, what you WILL cover and what you WON’T cover. If your research aims, objectives and questions are too broad, you’ll risk losing focus or investigating a problem that is too big to solve within a single dissertation.

writing introduction for thesis paper

A paper on more efficient methods of public transport can mention the extent of air pollution due to exhausts from cars and two-wheelers or the shrinking ratio between the number of automobiles and road length. A paper on controlling malaria by preventive measures, can mention the number of people affected, the number of person-hours lost, or the cost of treating the disease.

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What you’re aiming for here is a clear, concise introduction to your research – not a detailed account. Now that you understand what you need to achieve from your introduction chapter, we can get into the details. While the exact requirements for this chapter can vary from university to university, there are seven core components that most universities will require. Before explaining how to write an introduction for a research paper, it’s necessary to comprehend a structure that will make your introduction stronger and more straightforward. All that remains now is grabbing your reader’s attention.

Once you have framed your work within a broader context you can elaborate more fully on the rationale of your research and its particular strengths and importance. The rationale should clearly and concisely indicate the value of your writing introduction for thesis paper paper and its contribution to the field. This is one of the best write up I have seen in my road to PhD thesis. I feel confident now undertaking my thesis; The future of facial recognition and learning non verbal interaction.

Introductions, Thesis Statements, and Roadmaps

This is a good closing for argumentative or opinion papers that present two or more sides of an issue. The conclusion drawn as a result of the research is presented here in the final paragraphs. Another method of writing an introduction is to open with a quotation. This method makes your introduction more interactive and more appealing to your reader.

How long is a thesis introduction?

The introduction to the whole thesis can make up roughly 10 per cent of the total word count. So if you are doing a PhD of 80,000 – 100,000 words, you may have a 8,000 – 10,000 word introduction. And if you are writing a Masters thesis of 15,000 – 20,000 words, your introduction could be 1,500 – 2,000 words long.

An introduction is the initial part of a research paper and the part that a reader is likely to read first . Hence, definitions, notions, and other information required for understanding the paper are presented/listed here.

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Science Fair Project Final Report

If there isn’t a required format, you’ll need to choose from one of two possible types of abstracts. Simple results of statistical tests may be reported in the text as shown in the preceding example. The results of multiple tests may be reported in a table if that increases clarity. (See Section 11 of the Statistics Manual for more details about reporting the results of statistical tests.) It is not necessary to provide a citation for a simple t-test of means, paired t-test, or linear regression. If you use other tests, you should cite the text or reference you followed to do the test. In your materials and methods section, you should report how you did the test (e.g. using the statistical analysis package of Excel).

For unpublished proceedings or symposia, supply the title of meeting, location, inclusive dates, and sponsoring organization. Use capital letters for part labels in multipart figures – A, B, C, etc. When possible, place part labels at the upper left-hand corner of each figure part; if a part is an image, set labels inside the perimeter so as not to waste space. Authors and their affiliated institutions, linked by superscript numbers, should be listed beneath Get Proposal Help on the collegeessayhelps site the title on the opening page of the manuscript. If, for example, the seedlings of your plant grew only 15 mm during the trial, you don’t need to construct a graph that accounts for 100 mm of growth. The lines in your graph should more or less fill the space created by the axes; if you see that your data is confined to the lower left portion of the graph, you should probably re-adjust your scale. Make sure to include units of measurement in the tables.

How to write a good abstract for a scientific paper or conference presentation

Since you’ve already been through the data on your own, you’ll be better able to follow the authors’ writing, and to decide if you agree with the conclusions they’re making about the data. Scientific papers are the heart of the science community; they’re one of the major ways scientists communicate their results and ideas to one another.

completed science paper

The purpose of a results section is to present and illustrate your findings. Make this section a completely objective report of the results, and save all interpretation for the discussion. The purpose of an introduction is to aquaint the reader with the rationale behind the work, with the intention of defending it. It places your work in a theoretical context, and enables the reader to understand and appreciate your objectives.

Authors contributions

An important issue is that you must not include references in this section; you are presenting your results, so you cannot refer to others here. If you refer to others, is because you are discussing your results, and this must be included in the Discussion section. For the data, decide on a logical order that tells a clear story and makes it and easy to understand. Generally, this will be in the same order as presented in the methods section.

Please do not use this list as a model for the format of your own reference list, as it may not match the citation style you are using. For guidance on formatting citations, please see the UNC Libraries citation tutorial. This information is often the best way to end your Discussion . In argumentative writing generally, you want to use your closing words to convey the main point of your writing.

Contents of an Abstract

If you can design a table to account for the data, that will tend to work much better than jotting results down hurriedly on a scrap piece of paper. You can use any software, such as EndNote or Mendeley, to format and include your references in the paper. Most journals have now the possibility to download small files with the format of the references, allowing you to change it automatically. Also, Elsevier’s Your Paper Your Way program waves strict formatting requirements for the initial submission of a manuscript as long as it contains all the essential elements being presented here. Wrap up your review by drawing everything together and making sure it is clear what conclusions you draw about your topic or field of study based on the research studies you read and analyzed. Choose a topic that is not too broad and not too narrow for the type of review you would like to write.

Some journals even forbid the usage of abbreviations in the abstract. Refer to the journal’s Guide for Authors to see the requirements for abbreviations. Write the abstract section last, even though it will completed science paper be one of the first sections of your final report. This is your opportunity to thank anyone who helped you with your science fair project, from a single individual to a company or government agency.

How do I write a strong introduction?

Plot the independent variable on the horizontal axis and the dependent variable on the vertical axis. Placing the variables along their respective axes is mostly just a convention, but since your readers are accustomed to viewing graphs in this way, you’re better off not challenging the convention in your report. If you’re trying to decide between using a table and creating a figure to present your material, consider the following a rule of thumb. The strength of a table lies in its ability to supply large amounts of exact data, whereas the strength of a figure is its dramatic illustration of important trends within the experiment. If you feel that your readers won’t get the full impact of the results you obtained just by looking at the numbers, then a figure might be appropriate.

completed science paper

Be sure to carefully address all relevant results, not just the statistically significant ones or the ones that support your hypotheses. When you must resort to speculation or opinion, be certain to state that up front using phrases such as “we therefore speculate” or “in the authors’ opinion”. Although it is a good idea for the authors to have justification and a rationale for their procedures, these should be saved for inclusion into the discussion section, not to be discussed in the methods section.

Introduction and Review of Literature

Subheadings are used only in Research Articles, and Reviews. Two levels of subheadings may be used if warranted; please distinguish them clearly. The manuscript should start with a brief introduction describing the paper’s significance. The introduction should provide sufficient background information to make the article intelligible to readers in other disciplines, and sufficient context that the significance of the experimental findings is clear. Symbols, abbreviations, and acronyms should be defined the first time they are used. All tables and figures should be cited in numerical order. All data must be shown either in the main text or in the Supplementary Materials or must be available in an established database with accession details provided in the acknowledgements section.

  1. Some journals require that the keywords are not those from the journal name, because it is implicit that the topic is that.
  2. Hypothetical examples of the conclusions section of an abstract are presented in Table 7.
  3. For the correct spelling, try Biotech’s Life Science Dictionary or one of the technical dictionaries on the reference shelf in the Biology or Health Sciences libraries.
  4. Very briefy describe the experimental design and how it accomplished the stated objectives.
  5. Consequently, if you use the table-drawing option in your word-processing software, choose the option that doesn’t rely on a “grid” format .

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Makkah as Holy Place of Islam Religion Free Essay Example

Massive crowds walking from one place to the other place of the pilgrimage, cause a stampede. There is a panic when the pilgrims jostle to avoid being trampled resulting in hundreds of deaths. For example, the ceremony of stoning the Devil is very crowded and dangerous and so can result in serious crowd accidents. The following incidents occurred due to massive crowding at the Hajj. We are closed on Saturday 2nd July for customer service training. We’re still working hard in the background to ensure confirmed Saturday deliveries are honoured. Being able to distinguish right and wrong is something that not just Muslims need but Christians needed as well.

  • Ḥaram Mosque, also called the Great Mosque, in which are situated the Kaaba and the sacred well of Zamzam.
  • During the reign of the prophet Muhammad, the pagan Arabs used the Kaaba as a center for worshiping Idols.
  • The holy mosque has one of the best Islamic architecture.
  • Everything that we do everything that is done in a spiritual relationship is supposed to be about having in wanting that deeper spiritual connection with our Creator.
  • He left no stone unturned to give him all the facilities.

Hajj is the pilgrimage to the holy places of Makkah that is considered the only pillar of Islam. It is done strictly at certain times and only in Makkah. There are several types of pilgrimage, required ones such as Hajj al-Ifrad, Umrah , and al-Hajj tamattua, or a combination of these types (Hajj al-Cyrus). After Hajj, a Muslim receives an honorary title of Haji and the right to wear a green turban. The Well of Zamzam is located about twenty meters away from the Kaaba.

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The floor of the Kaaba is attractive and is composed of limestone . A green cloth that has gold embroidery covers the walls.

What kind of rock is the Kaaba?

Based on the color of the Kaaba (dark red brown with some black) most probably it is made of a combination of magnetite and basalt (Igneous rock). The Black Stone, or the Kaaba stone, is set on the outside of one corner of the Kaaba is kissed by all pilgrims who can gain access to it.

Other clubs offer Saudis the opportunity to develop various artistic talents. King Saud University and the King Khalid International Airport are two striking examples of just how well traditional Islamic design and modern structure can be combined.

Sir John Tyler: The Early Settlement Of South Carolina

Mecca is the birthplace of Mohammad and the place he returned to after his exile to Medina. Five times a day more than one billion Muslims around the world turn towards it to pray to Allah. Enclosed by the sandy Valley of Abraham, Mecca is surrounded by low rocky hill ranges in a region of western Saudi Arabia known as Hijaz, which also comprises Medina and Jedda. Mecca stands almost 300 metres above sea level and approximately 45 miles east of the Red Sea.

descriptive essay about makkah

Men carrying swords stand in two lines or a circle, with a poet singing in their midst, and perform the traditional dance. The highlights of the year are the holy month of Ramadan and the Hajj season, and the national holidays that follow them. Around 600 AD during the reign of the prophet Muhammad, the tribe of Quraysh was responsible for cleaning descriptive essay about makkah and maintaining the Kaaba . During that time, the Kaaba contained many idols that represented the gods of the Saudi Arabia. The gods were religious figures, meaning that people worshiped the gods instead of Allah. This created hostility between some people and the prophet Muhammad because the prophet Abraham dedicated the Kaaba to Allah.

Plant and animal life

Phase one is about the necessary planning to organize Hajj and to intend pilgrims before departure to Saudi Arabia. The disease spreads and recent outbreaks of H1N1 virus have made the crowd management descriptive essay about makkah more challenging. For the management of diseases, as mentioned earlier, there are set of medical examinations and immunizations to be undergone by the pilgrims to be registered in the event database.

Pronounced ma-KAH, it is one of the most recognisable Islamic words in the world. First, I enjoyed the comfortable atmosphere of the mosque. When I get in the mosque’s yard, I see the Holy Ka’aba standing in the middle and Muslims are circling it, praying, and seeking blessings. Pigeons are flying free in the air and chirping happily as if they were praying with people.

City site

It is evident that the Kaaba was constructed by the prophet Abraham who laid the initial foundation as instructed by Allah. The purpose of the construction of the Kaaba was to be a center for worshiping and praising Allah. During the reign of the prophet Muhammad, the pagan Arabs used the Kaaba as a center for worshiping Idols. The pagan Arabs placed many idols that symbolized the different gods inside the Kaaba. At around 600 AD, the prophet Muhammad became the leader of Makkah after several years of persecution by the pagans. The Kaaba was then rededicated as a place of worshiping Allah. Currently, the Kaaba is a holy place and people should know that the muslims do not worship it.

Located at the center of important ancient trade routes, the Arabian people were enriched by many different civilizations. As early as 3,000 BC, Arabian merchants were part of a far-reaching trade network that extended to south Asia, the Mediterranean and Egypt. They served as a vital link between India and the Far East on one side, and Byzantium and the Mediterranean lands on the other. Towards the southern end of the mosque lie the Bullying Essay Sample with Analysis marble tombs of the Asaf Jahi rulers and family members, save the first and the last . These are housed in a rectangular, arched, and canopied building, which was added in 1914 during the rule of Mir Osman Ali Khan, the last Asaf Jahi ruler. At both ends of this resting place for the Asaf Jahi’s are two rectangular blocks with four minarets each. These minarets have elegant and circular balconies with low ornamental walls and arches.

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