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Seemingly insignificant, but in reality the building block of our known existence. Infinitesimal particles, entwined elegantly in an eternal dance. This matter composes you, me, everything we’ve ever known, touched, or tasted. The Atom, by itself imperceptible to the naked eye and charged with infinite potential. By itself, seemingly insignificant; yet when combined, an explosion of possibilities without end. At the very core of these wines, lies The Atom, and we who serve as the medium to bend and will it into the shape of vinified elegance.

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Take a moment to enjoy the simple form & grace of The Atom, and relish in its momentary perfection. The Atom Wines, from the wine-making team who brought Twenty Rows & Centered into focus as well as powerhouse brands, Unsorted and Bash! Explosive, passionately scientific wines crafted from premier fruit, hand-selected in the nucleic epicenters of California’s rich vineyard climates. Meant to inspire discovery and creativity at every turn, without limits, without fear.


For more than twenty years, Plymouth Wine Company founder Jason Trulby has played a key role in the development, launch, and sales of numerous fine wine brands throughout the nation. With a keen understanding of the dynamic nature of the business, as well as an expert sense of wine as a visceral expression of luxury and decadence, he set out with the singular mission of presenting wines that over-deliver in quality and value in their class. This approach has garnered success stories at every turn for the Plymouth family of wines. Ours is a portfolio-driven company that offers exceptional quality, experience and a willingness toward personalized attention in the representation of a select number of wines from both the Napa Valley and California appellations. We offer flagship brands under the Plymouth parentage including Twenty Rows, a partnership with Napa Valley Winemaker Brian Nuss; Centered, a Napa Valley passion-play of our own design, and our recently developed powerhouse wines with The Atom.


The Atom California Chardonnay is a super-collision of hand-selected fruit, sourced from key growers throughout the coastal shoals & rocky foothills. Aromatics ignite the senses with mineral notes of soapstone & flint. A balanced coalescence of ripe stone-fruit, apple blossoms, lemon zest & toasted coconut greet the palate & dissolve to rich caramelized sugar, baking spices & a touch of smoke.

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The Atom California Cabernet Sauvignon. One of nature’s greatest unsolved mysteries meets one of our most beloved wines. Seeking to achieve the perfect, zero-deficit flavor profile, we harvest clusters at the point of perfect ripeness & combine them at the press before a slow, meticulous fermentation. Allowed to rest in perfect darkness, the unfolding of an elemental prowess takes shape. A smoldering nose of black pepper & currant melds seamlessly into a lush, robust palate of velvety violet, tobacco leaf, cassis & subtle licorice. Balanced acidity & integrated tannins linger at the tongue .

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